Beware of Predatory Journals


With increasing open-access publishing in recent years, the problem of poor-quality journals, so called ‘predatory’ journals, has emerged, which publish inadequate peer-reviewed papers for the sole purpose of making money from publication charges.

Predatory journals and publishers will send unsolicited emails inviting researchers to submit manuscripts to journals. If you receive such email invitations, you should critically evaluate the publishers' legitimacy.

Submitting a manuscript to such a journal is dangerous for the author because authors are generally asked to pay excessive fees for the publication and bear the risk of dual submission if they fail to withdraw from the publication process. Furthermore, it could damage the author’s research achievements and could also hurt the university’s reputation.
Researchers at Shimane University are kindly requested to choose carefully a journal for the publication of research.


A Checklist to avoid “predatory” journals


Learn more about “Predatory” journals
- “Think, Check, Submit” (
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- David Moher et al. (2017) Stop this waste of people, animals and money, Nature 549, 23?25 (07 September 2017)

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